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Everyone Loves a Party
Your friends may have the same concerns about nutrition as you have. Wouldn’t you love to host a party for everyone to learn?



  • How Big Is Your Bite?

    If you had to write down everything you ate for the day do you really know how much you ate? Many people over-estimate their food intake. This is a fun session all about food portions.


  • The Sneaky Housemate

    Learn how to get your spouse/significant other to eat healthy without suspecting it. Don’t worry, everyone signs a confidentiality agreement at the beginning of class so your secrets won’t get out.


  • Is What You Eat Making You Sick?

    Do you feel ill after eating or even the next day? You may be intolerant, sensitive, or even allergic to foods, food ingredients, or chemicals added to foods. Learn the difference between food intolerance, sensitivities, and allergies and what to do if you think foods are triggering your symptoms.


  • Sink or Swim – Making the Best Food Choices to Keep You Afloat

    Explore foods that zap your energy level and prevent you from being the best you can be. Learn how and what to eat to improve your energy level and feel good all day.


  • Sticks and Stones – Do They Really Break Your Bones or Is It Your Diet?

    This session is not only for women. Men can get osteoporosis too. It’s not too late to maintain healthy bones even though you know you stopped growing. Learn about which foods are good sources of calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D as well as what prevents your body from using them properly.


  • Get Your Gut In Shape – It’s not about crunches or sit ups

    Have you heard the term microbiome? Have you heard about probiotics but don’t know what you need them for? Learn about what helps you maintain a healthy gut (digestive tract)


  • For Health Professionals And Business

    Topics may be requested according to the needs of the group and include nutrtition, food service and customer service topics.
    Nutrition and diet training is available for medical offices.
    Contact Deb to plan your program.