Apollo’s Bistro

Bistro Chips – The Blogger’s Favorite – Is It Yours Too?

Food expectations of Apollo Beach residents definitely vary as seen in the variety of comments on the local Face Book groups about pizza a popular favorite. I’m sharing one of my expectations as an Apollo Beach resident of only two years. Might I add that I love Apollo Beach and have met some wonderful people, all food lovers.

My big expectation when eating out is consistency. When I find a place I love to eat I tend to be a creature of habit, often ordering the same food each visit. It’s important to me that each time I order, my favorites are served the same way. That means they look the same, taste the same, and are the same portion, among other things.

The locals’ place I’d like to give kudos to this week for meeting my expectations is Apollo’s Bistro. My all time favorite (and a favorite of friends and family who visit us) is Loaded Bistro Chips, a generous pile of house made chips, topped with diced tomatoes, green onions, Bleu cheese, and a glassy drizzle of balsamic glaze. The ample toppings give way to some remnants on the plate sometimes causing a fork fight if I’m sharing. I could actually eat the whole order myself. Those of you who know me may say “But she’s a nutritionist, why is she eating chips?” I like to look at the positive so can find even the tiniest bit of nutrients in anything so here we positively have a bit of protein, vitamin C and calcium. My rule for me is to enjoy food when eating out, and enjoy food and focus on nutrition more at home.

If you haven’t tried them – you must – especially if you love chips. What’s your favorite food at the Bistro?


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